Thursday, August 10, 2017

DEIVF (Donor Egg In Vitro Fetilization) Update

The doctor order the medication today. I didn't plan on it being so much and it was kinda discouraging. They told us the total for mine and the donors medication was $5833.63. 
We have had a couple people donate medication so I was hopeful we would be saving some money. 

We will be needing the following medication:

Follistim (Have 1 900 unit but we need 2)
Menopur (I need 1 more boxes of menopur, we got 1 box donated! Thank you Mundana)
Ganirelix ( we need 7 syringes)
Ovirdrel 250 Micrograms)
Estradiol 2 MG Oral Tablet 
Vivelle-Dot 0.1 MG/24HR Transdermal Patch Twice Weekly 
Progesterone 50 MG/ML Intramuscular Oil 
MethylPREDNISolone 16 MG Oral Tablet
Leuprolide Acetate 1 MG/0.2ML Injection Kit

So if anyone has extra medication from their cycle and want to donate it, We would really appreciate it.

I am trying to pick out a puzzle to assembly and put everyone name on it who helped us on our journey, that way there is always a reminder to ourselves and our child as they grow up, who had a hand in helping us create our family. Its hard to pick a puzzle theme when you don't know what gender the baby would be but I think I am going to go with a Noah's Ark puzzle because it can go with a theme for a boys or a girls room. We are also going to add everyone's name that has help us out along the way even if it wasn't with the Go Fund Me account. Loni's of course will have her name on multiple pieces and her husband and her kids as they are just as much part of this for putting up with her during all the medications, shots and appointments. My parents and grandparents have helped us with all 3 of our IVF's so they will have multiple pieces as well. Everyone that has donated on any of the 3 IVF's will have their name on a puzzle piece. I feel it is only fair to show everyone that has helped us on our journey. The individuals that have also donated medication will have pieces too. I am getting so excited as the time gets closer to the start of the cycle.

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