Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DEIVF (Donor Egg In Vitro Fetilization) Update

We got great news today. My BFDonor, Loni!!!!!!! has a wonderful AMH level. I knew she would but she was worried. She will have 1 more appointment before the cycle starts and I will have 2 more. And we are set to start our cycle in September. Next thing is to come up with the money to start the cycle and get the medication. We will be needing the following medication:

Follistim (We got this donated)
Menopur ( I need 2 more boxes of menopur, we got 1 box donated! Thank you Mundana)
Ganirelix and/or Lupron

So if anyone has extra medication from their cycle and want to donate it, We would really appreciate it.

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