Thursday, June 1, 2017

IVF with Donor Eggs Update

We were going to go through Happy Beginnings in Mount Vernon, IL, for our donor eggs. However we were offered an awesome gift from one of my very best friends. I haven't asked her if I can use her name so I will just call her "BF Donor" in my blog for now. This is a huge gift for her to give us and we appreciate it more then we could ever let her know. Now we only have to come up with the doctor cost for monitoring two people ($12,500) and then any medication. Originally we were told $9,500 but that was for doing and IVF without donor eggs. This saves us between $10,000-$16,000 dollars! What a precious gift. We were a bit nervous to use someone we knew at first because it is a lot to ask of someone. They have to have shots, sonograms and just had more stress to their lives, which we never like to inconvenience other people. Plus there is always that question: How will emotions get involved.

I honestly have to say with BF Donor, I don't have to worry about it. I am 100% comfortable with her and like I said she is my best friend. I have pictures of us as babies playing together so in reality she really feels like a sister. Plus it really helps that she seems just as excited about it has I am. She is overjoyed to help us!

So out next steps are waiting for this doctor to call me back.... I hate waiting. Then our BF Donor will have to have an AMH test to check her ovarian egg reserve. We aren't worried about this as she has produced 3 beautiful kids all on her own. Then we were have to fill out consent paperwork and the donor will have to do a learning session just to they can prepare her for what she is about to do. I will keep everyone updated on our process. 

Medication is a concerned because our health insurance will not cover fertility drugs so if anyone has any extra fertility medication from their past cycles and would like to donate it, it would be highly appreciated.

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