Monday, June 19, 2017

DEIVF (Donor Egg In Vitro Fetilization) Update

I am still waiting and waiting for the nurse to call our BF Donor. LOL. I laugh because I love to the new nickname I gave my best friend. She did give me permission to use her name but I thought I would wait till the testing came back and she was approved. Which I do not think will be a problem but just to be safe, I will wait. Plus I get a laugh every-time I type "BF Donor". 😁 I will keep everyone updated I promise, just as soon as the nurses and doctors keep me updated.

In the mean time I have 1 viral of follistem so that will save us money but if anyone else has extra fertility medicine that is not expired and would like to donate it please let me know. And Thanks in advance.

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