Friday, February 17, 2017

Natural Fertility Shop Update

December of 2015 I had laparoscopic surgery that revealed that I had several endometriosis, stage 4. They removed all the endometriosis from my belly button up to my diaphragm. In June of 2016, I started taking the Endowise Kit from the Natural Fertility Shop. I instantly noticed a difference in my periods. It had lighten my periods and helped with cramping. I also began to have normal red periods with no clots instead of brownish color with clots. 

With my endometriosis I also had several pain in my chest on the right side. This went away after the surgery but started to come back in November of 2016. So in January 2017 I ordered the Fertility Cleanse Kit and the OvaWise Kit. I started taking the Fertility Cleanse Kit on my next cycle. I love the liver cleanse part of the kit because it only took 14 days and my chest pain from my endometriosis disappeared!!! And it hasn't come back for over a month. Following the Fertility Cleanse I started taking the OvaWise kit 2 weeks ago. 

On January 6th I had a meeting with Dr. J. Ricardo Loret de Mola from SIU School of Medicine. Do to the pain I was having he wanted to do laparoscopic in my stomach and in my chest. The chest part really scared me. However the pain has now been gone thanks to my Fertility Cleanse Kit. I went to his office on Feb 13th and had a sono. They called me the following day and said they could not see any endometriosis!!!!! And they do not want to do a surgery anymore!!! Plus my pain is gone!!!! So next we will have a meeting with him to see about using donor eggs for another IVF. I am just so thankful to Natural Fertility Shop for their products I don't know what I would do if I was still in pain. I am currently taking the OvaWise kit now. It is a lot of pills to take every day but I have no problem with it due to the positive outcome I have had with all their other kits. 

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