Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Adoption Begins!!!!!!!!!

Last night we met with an adoption agency, Gateway Woods Family Services Illinois. We have spoken with other adoption agencies but this one just felt right. Lucie was so wonderful to us and provided us with tons of information. They are not a huge adoption agency which means we might have to wait longer for the adoption to go through. We really feel like they have our best interests at heart and they made us feel really comfortable. Also the fact they are a Christian Agency is also a plus. So since both of us felt really good at the meeting we signed up on the spot and wrote the check. Now the homework (fun) begins with our checklist.
  • Adoption training
  • Get finger printed
  • Large questionnaire
  • Get financial information together
  • Get insurance information together
  • Become CPR Registered
  • Pick a guardian in case something were to happen to both of us.
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage License
  • Physical Exam
  • Employment History
One we have completed these items our home study will begin!!!! Then we will need to create a book about us, this way when the birth mothers go to the agency they can look through our book along with other adoptive parents and make their selection. This means we need some new awesome photos taken as well.

One plus is that starting January 2017 you do not have to have a foster care license in order to adopt. These means less home checks and restrictions about fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc.. We would not have problem passing those checks but they did have to be done every 6 months and you always had to have a crib or bed ready is you had a foster license. Now we can wait till we get the call that we have been selected before we purchase baby items.  

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