Monday, November 14, 2016

1st Adoption Meeting

We had our first adoption meeting over the phone, with Lifetime Adoption, Inc. I have to say I am very unhappy. They really gave us false hope. They have two packages Adoption for life which costs $7,700 and the Bronze Program which costs $18,997. They of course only approved us for the Adoption for life package which costs $7,700. This package gets you nothing but what they call "Coaching". They tell you how to set up a profile and how to use social media to find birth mothers. You still have pay the Home Study fee and legal expenses just like any other program but they do not even help match you. The agency that you do your home study through will more then likely help you with your profiles so it is just a waste of money. I feel like this process is hard enough, emotionally and financially, that these organizations should not be taking advantage of couples. The people that profit from these program must not have any hearts. The chances of finding a birth mother through social media alone are very slim and the time frame is usually 2-5 years and could be longer. Also be prepared if you do use social media so many people our scamming you for money. I even had one individual call me the other day wanting a vehicle. Please everyone beware and always consult an attorney.

We did however fine a really nice Christian home study agency in Illinois, Gateway Woods Family Services Illinois. We are filling out the application this week and hope to hear from them soon. 

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